Holistic Europe

Conference 2019

May25 & 26, 2019
Bethlehem Chapel, Prague 1

Live longer in good health.

An inspirational event about a healthy lifestyle and holistic approach to life.





We are all connected. We are all part of one magical system. We are interfering with each other and creating a holistic unity.

Our health,
inner peace,
our environment.

During the conference we will bring:

  • inspiration to create positive change in your lives,
  • recommendations a know-how of leading experts,
  • exclusive lectures and workshops.

Our mission and the mission of our experts is to inspire you to help yourselves and our environment, so that we are stronger, healthier and happier.

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Holistic Europe Topics

This year we focus on how the body/mind connection influences our health and happiness and how important it is to be connected to the nature.


Are alternative healing methods effective? What to do when you get a horrifying diagnoses? How to strengthen your immune system?

Healthy Nutrition

How does the food influence our health and our nature? DOs and DONTs on various types of diet.


How to get rid of toxins? How to detoxify your body in a safe way?


Is it possible to grow healthy crops? Are the industrial fertilizers safe? How can we contribute?


Is tap water better than bottled water? How can we improve the quality of water we use?

Stem Cells

What are stem cells? How can they be beneficial?


How to heal your mind to heal your body?


Is meditation just trendy or can it really improve our health, life and the world around us?

Healthy Exercise

What kind of exercise do we need? What is a healthy way to keep fit?

Holistic Healing

Is there a body - mind - spirit connection? Why some experts say "yes" and some ridicule the concept?

“Only a life lived for others is worth living.”

Albert Einstein

This unique event will not be repeated. Improve your understanding of the nature and yourself. Be part of the Holistic Europe project.


We are working on bringing to you accomplished and inspirational experts in the holistic lifestyle...

Mnislav Zelený Atapana
Mnislav Zelený Atapana
Anthropologist, writer and journalist

Atapana specialises on a cultural anthropology, archeology and history but recently also on the political scene in the Amazonian countries. He is a well known writer and an amazing storyteller about spirituality, continuity and our connection with the nature.

Tsewang Norbu Vivek
Tsewang Norbu Vivek
Budhist teacher and meditation lecturer

“I feel that we have not yet explored all our potential to be a true human being. We take so much from people and the nature for granted, but what do we give back to the universe?”

Conference Tickets

Standard Price

(2 days, 24 hrs of programme)

330 EUR


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the conference's topics?

This year we will focus on the body - mind - spirit connection but will also talk about water and other holistic subjects.

Where is the conference taking place?

The conference will take place in the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague on March 24th and 25th, 2018. Make sure that you are free the whole weekend.

What will be the conference's language?

All lectures will be in English, translated into Czech or vice versa.

What is the ticket price?

The Standard Ticket price is 186 EUR including VAT.

How can I buy the ticket?

You can buy the ticket using your credit/debit card at www.store.holistic-europe.com/en/conference-prague/, via a bank tranfer or using PayPal at www.holistic-europe.com.

Can I influence the conference's topics?

Yes. Although the topics are given for this conference, you can send us your question or desired topic and we will try to get it covered providing we have the right expert in that particular area.

What is the cancellation policy?

Delegates/Partners may nominate an alternative person to attend up to 24 hours prior to the start of the event, at no extra charge. Should substitution not be possible, cancellation charges apply as follows: • 3 to 6 weeks prior to start of the event: 50% of the delegate fee; • 3 weeks or less prior to the start of the event: 100% of the delegate fee All substitutions and cancellations must be sent to info@holistic-europe.com.